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Long Term Planning - Mathematics - Phonics

Please click here to see what Phonics and Reading schemes we use in KS1.


We thought you might find it useful to have an overview of what the children have been doing so far this year. Learning moves quickly in Reception and we often have themes of learning that can last a few days or a few weeks!

Our team take as many cues from the children as possible, taking what they are interested in and developing it in ways that stimulate quality interaction and further learning. We observe children playing and from here develop them a PLOD (Possible Line of Development). This can take the form of next steps or a theme that we introduce to the rest of the class.

Sometimes we learn about themes that we can predict will be covered. These often relate to things that happen at specific times during the year.

The PLOD maps and the Creative Mind Maps that we create are used to stimulate learning experiences, sometimes we don’t cover everything and a lot of the time we do many other things that stem from these ideas.

We’ll send updates throughout the year so that you can see what keeps the children so busy!

Here are some examples of PLOD's we have used in the past:



Julia Donaldson