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Cragside Primary School

English - Reading Intent Statement

At Cragside, we instil each of our children with a sense of wonder, passion and joy for literature.  We recognise the huge importance of reading and how it underpins every aspect of our lives and aim to reflect this by ensuring our children read to their highest potential.  We equip our pupils to read for pleasure and to inform. 

English - Writing Intent Statement

At Cragside, our pupils write for a range of purposes to their highest standard understand the importance of writing with an audience in mind. Editing, improving and taking pride in our writing are essential life skills. Children will see writing as a tool to express themselves creatively and inform others of their critical thinking.

English - SPaG Intent Statement

At Cragside, we ensure that our children have curiosity and an understanding of the meaning of language, they will feel equipped to understand the evolving English language and take joy in applying and understanding punctuation rules.

English - Speaking and Listening Intent Statement

At Cragside our children will gain a clear understanding of the power of the spoken word and how to express themselves and opinions, clearly and with confidence. Children will learn by listening to a range of voices and sources to see the world with a critical and understanding eye.


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